Festival of Light

2015, Bratislava


Festival of Light is an ambitious European project, which aims to support young artists and scientists whose works contain elements of light and are created or based on using new digital technologies. Promotes dialogue, openness and mutual cultural enrichment between V4 countries and becomes part of the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF LIGHT AND LIGHT BASED TECHNOLOGIES, declared by the UNESCO in 2015.
The project will present new dimensions of artistic creation through new media.

Detailed programme:
Three days multicultural event combines advanced technology, science and contemporary art, is targeted to the general public in a public space. The concept of the proposed project is based on dialog between recent scientific and technical achievements in the field of Photonics and newly developed visual techniques in Arts, aiming for a new level of Excellence in blending the best of these two worlds. Its intention is to provide a platform for mutual sharing of different approaches to the common central subject of "Light", including installations and performances inspired by the physics of light, based on applications of recent lightning technology, or those utilizing recent visual and perceptual knowledge.

10 – 12.10.2015 Bratislava

Light Academy Bratislava 10. – 12. Október od 19:00 do 02:00 TOWER OF LIGHT – Apoteóza svetla svetelná inštalácia autor: Medzinárodné laserové centrum MOST SNP 10. – 12. Október od 19:00 do 02:00 RESONATOR interaktívna zvuková a laserová inštalácia autor: Dušan Chorvát[...]

10 – 12.10.2015 Bratislava

Light Academy Bratislava 11. Október od 20:00 do 21:00 STREET WORKSHOP interaktívny workshop – vstup voľný EUROVEA NÁMESTIE 12. Október o 10:00 WORKSHOP Umenie a nové technológie KAVIAREŇ TUTO, STARÁ TRŽNICA 12. Október o 18:00 FENOMÉN SVETLO verejná diskusia Moderuje M. Havran,[...]

11.10.2015 Eurovea, Bratislava

Workshop Lightpainting starts from 20:00 ( public[...]

12.10.2015 VŠMU, Bratislava

Workshop for students – Video[...]

Supported by

Festival of Light 2015


Light public art

Visual experience of multimedia installations in public space, which transforms ordinary reality of the streets and buildings into new forms and new contexts - visual art, video art, film, lasershow. LPA - envisages the cooperation with professionals and university students on new media VSMU Bratislava, Banska Bystrica, Košice and Academy of arts Poznan, Poland and Budapest, Hungary.

Light Academy

Understanding the fundamental laws, physics of light, historical context (professional public discussions, workshop KVANT Slovakia, GTLaser Hungary, CIANT Czech Rep. MEDIAM Poland).

Light & business

Selected companies presented in short, dynamic lectures his "out of box" technological solutions on the light.
Start ups - presentation of their projects, which are often only in the form of ideas, the absence of sufficient capital to implement project. It would create interesting networking between the established companies and start - individuals who can help both sides.

Visegrad features

Viesgrad features

The most important result of the proposed project will be creation of the network of professionals from the universities, as well as individuals and institutions from V4 region, creating and delivering in the interdisciplinary of Light-based art, science and technology. The region of V4 countries is displaying currently an under-representation of participation in both scientific, technological and artistic initiatives which are supported by European Comission, as it is rather complicated for the teams based exclusively in these countries to succeed in the global European competition. This, for the successful societal growth, regional support of these efforts is highly needed and sometimes is crucial for their bare existence.

Target Groups

Project is focused on young visual artists, scientists, laser and optic experts, public, businessmen who are interested in visual technologies. The project also brings the comparison of the different practises in Visual Art, Science and Business and analysis the possibilities of mutual enrichment through adoptionof elements from each other methods ( V4 countries ). Meeting with young start ups brings the opportunity for discussing the real possibilities, presentation of their projects, which are often only in the form of ideas, could create interesting networking between the established companies and start - individuals.